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July 5 @ 09:30 - 11:00 Wroclaw (CEST)

Institute of Romance Studies

plac Nankiera 4
50–140 Wrocław

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War for the Constitutional Change

In a Democracy the Constitution seeks to determine the future and aspirations of the nation, and the constitutional courts must play their role in protecting these goals. The problem appears when they become ineffective (as this is in Poland) and cannot counteract unconstitutional laws. The Constitution in a Democracy could play a leading role while choosing the direction of the nation as demonstrated by the amendments of 2019 to the Ukrainian Constitution. The Russia’s dictator, who caused the war, has been inter alia demanding amendments to Ukraine’s Constitution, that would deny its current aspirations. Can a peace treaty ending a war whereby the Nation changes the Constitution be considered an acceptable factor for the democratic nature of democracy? Can the Constitution defend itself against unconstitutional amendments that lead the state in an undemocratic direction?In an authoritarian state dictators and illiberal governments are rewriting Constitutions.

Chair(s): Toma Birmontiene