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July 5 @ 09:30 - 11:00 Wroclaw (CEST)

Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics

Więzienna 8/12
50–118 Wrocław

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The Russian-Ukrainian conflict: constitutional implications and geopolitical perspectives

The panel aims to examine the legal and geopolitical profiles connected with the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The analysis starts from an internal dimension that focuses on the Eastern Ukraine buffer enclaves, having as a case-study the Russian passportization in the Donbas since 2019, as a tool of foreign policy to face territorial conflict.Broadening the perspective, the panel investigates the consequences of the conflict with regard to European integration.In fact, the presence of a conflict at the EU borders is encouraging EU States to move towards a common defense.The last view proposed is the geopolitical one.Indeed, this conflict is turning into a challenge between blocs with the characteristics of a proxy war, involving the Western world in economic sanctions, blocking news flow, supplying weapons and recruiting foreign fighters.Thus, the idea is to address, through 3 different perspectives, the implications of the 1st European war of this new century on international balance

Chair(s): Simone Benvenuti