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July 4 @ 13:15 - 14:45 Wroclaw (CEST)

Institute of Romance Studies

plac Nankiera 4
50–140 Wrocław

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Re-thinking the Foundations of EU Public Law: Democracy, Market, and Mutual Trust

This panel aims to rethink some of the foundations of EU public law that are currently under serious internal and external pressure: democracy, the internal market, and mutual trust. Throughout the history of European integration, both the institutional and constitutional (democracy and the rule of law) and the material (the market) foundations of EU public law have continuously evolved, and have adapted to numerous crises that the EU had and still has to face. In the meantime, while the principle of mutual trust has increasingly developed into an essential integration tool, the practical functioning of mutual trust appears to have reached its limits. Papers presented at this panel focus on historical, theoretical, and doctrinal aspects of these foundations of EU public law, and how they have been conceptualised in EU law discourse. The panel also reflects on the way in which market, democracy and mutual trust have interacted and continue to interact in theory and practice.

Chair(s): Gráinne de Búrca