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July 5 @ 09:30 - 11:00 Wroclaw (CEST)

Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics

Uniwersytecka 7–10
50–145 Wrocław

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Private-Public Principles for a Global Data Economy: Data Transactions, Data Rights, and Data Values?

In fall 2021, the European Law Institute (ELI) and the American Law Institute (ALI) presented new “Principles for a Data Economy“. This initiative sought to mitigate legal uncertainty about data as a new type of asset by creating typologies and templates applicable across legal systems. ICON-S offers a perfect venue to discuss this effort from cross- and intradisciplinary perspectives. We plan to conduct this panel in a *roundtable format*. The chairs will introduce the core tenets of the ELI/ALI project, and then encourage critical reflections and questions from the panelists and other participants. Please have a look at the ELI/ALI data principles ahead of the panel by visiting principlesforadataeconomy.org. Questions to consider include: How is data different from other assets? How will the data principles interact with existing and evolving data law? Are innovation and growth the right benchmarks for public/private regulation of data?

Chair(s): Francesca Episcopo / Thomas Streinz