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July 6 @ 10:00 - 11:30 Wroclaw (CEST)

Institute of Romance Studies

plac Nankiera 4
50–140 Wrocław

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Perspectives on Digital Constitutionalism

Twenty years ago, Europe faced a choice: to import the American governance model for online intermediaries or to develop its own regime. That choice has fundamentally shaped how Europe and the U.S interact in this regard, their policy proposals, antitrust action, and overall tech landscape. By rejecting American exceptionalism, the E-Commerce Directive has ruled the birth and growth of the Internet in Europe through the imposition of emerging duties on online platforms. This panel analyzes how that landscape is now on the verge of change via the approval of a Digital Services Act. Members of this panel will approach the proposal from different angles and discuss its role as a fundamental piece of an emerging digital constitutionalist approach within the European Union.

Chair(s): Erik Longo