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July 5 @ 11:30 - 13:00 Wroclaw (CEST)

Institute of Romance Studies

plac Nankiera 4
50–140 Wrocław

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Empire and Public Law

Empire and Public Law This panel addresses the legacy of Empire in present day constitutional thought. The end of European empires is one of the most significant transformations of the 20th century, yet the academic study of public law is, for the most part, conducted as if empire never existed. Scholars of public international law have dealt extensively with decolonisation, but these ideas remain underexplored in public law scholarship. This panel brings together public law scholars to engage with post-Imperial questions, posed both in the former imperial peripheries and also in the former imperial centres. The panellists will focus on the ‘southern turn‘ in constitutional law scholarship and the project of European integration as a successor to empire. They will also trace the “fingerprints of empire“ in the challenges faced by West African constitutions – the “tutelary role“ of the military in South Asia – and the centrifugal challenge of the modern, British metropole,

Chair(s): Signe Larsen / Ewan Smith