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July 4 @ 16:30 - 18:00 Wroclaw (CEST)

Institute of Romance Studies

plac Nankiera 4
50–140 Wrocław

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Combatting Climate Change in Financial Law: The EU‘s Approach towards ‘Sustainable Finance‘

The most pressing global problem of our times is climate change and how mankind may contain its effects. Climate change may be combatted on various levels and in different policy fields. In line with this understanding, President of the European Commission von der Leyen has pronounced the ‘Green Deal‘, making the fight against climate change a mainstream issue to be pursued e.g. in competition law, in trade law, in foreign policy or in financial market law. At the EU level not only the Commission and the legislator should contribute to containing climate change, also the European Central Bank may take measures to that effect. In order to address some of the ensuing questions of EU law, we propose the following panel:

Chair(s): Günter Herzig